About CNAM

CNAM is a SaaS delivered SIEM, built ground up for threat management. The solution brings threat detection, correlation, compliance, intelligence and application security monitoring onto a real-time Pay-as-you-Grow service platform.


CNAM threat management system for enterprises

Overlooking your enterprise security issues can tarnish the brand reputation that you have so painstakingly built. With CNAM, you can rest peacefully, assured in the knowledge that CNAM would protect your brand like its own.

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CNAM Intrusion detection system for technology service providers

We understand that even though you provide your services to a lot of people, it is still vital to take care of each and every customer. CNAM provides you with real-time actionable security, making sure that your customers remain yours!

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CNAM vulnerability detection system for application developers

Even a minor flaw in your code, running up to thousands of lines, can bring down entire applications. CNAM enables you to integrate your applications in our security circle, ensuring that the minor flaws do not cause major havoc.

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"We trusted CNAM with our critical applications, their systems and expertise are exceptional. We are happy to be associated with NETMONASTERY."
-- A satisfied customer (read about our oath to anonymity)
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