Application Security

Application integration means tying up your applications to the security infrastructure and hence ensuring their security as well. Web applications are the vital for any enterprises as they hold organisation's intellectual property and customer's trust but these days they are fast becoming the preferred target for hackers. Over eighty five percent of the attacks target the end user applications. Most of the common threat detectors available in the market fail to detect threat at the application level.

Application Security

Challenges Faced

  • Traditional threat management solutions don’t include applications.
  • Most attack detectors fail to detect threats at the application level.
  • Traditional application testing tools provide generic result sets which do not evolve to combat the threat landscape.

The CNAM Approach

  • CNAM integrates your applications to the security infrastructure by providing several libraries which application providers can use to link their applications.
  • CNAM has successful experiences with several application providers and clients to improve time and accuracy of detection.
  • CNAM is capable of blocking malicious inputs in your application which might be aimed at compromising your security.

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