Big Data in Security

The system devices which are a part of your security set-up give out countless logs which only end up clogging your monitoring system. This data is fetched over long periods of time and consequently, becomes large enough to be be unmanageable.

Big Data Analytics

Challenges Faced

  • Managing data from all your devices and correlating them to identify problem points in an organized manner is a huge challenge.
  • Globally sourced threat intelligence needs to be aggregated as it helps in pre-empting attacks and ironing out the flaws.
  • Only security experts of the highest order can tune your system to use this intelligence to ward off attackers.

The CNAM Approach

  • CNAM is proficient enough to deal with millions of logs from various sources and boasts of quick and accurate detection.
  • The massive amount of threat intelligence data generated is stored by CNAM as 'big data' which, in conjunction with its own detection modules, enables it to provide unmatched security.
  • What you get is an intelligent solution that observes the internet, collects relevant information, identifies attack patterns and detects attacks in real time.

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