Global Telecom Giant Consolidates Efforts on Threat Management

Global telcom giant uses CNAM to consolidate infrastructure and human resources required to deliver real-time threat management. Additionally gains a central management workflow.

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Threat management is a critical process for enterprise businesses. Large and distributed deployments find it challenging to deploy context aware security without having local presence. Aggregation of data and cross-correlation is an infrastructure intensive function, that multiplies the resource requirement for a medium to large enterprise.

Problem Statements

This case study discusses how a large globally distributed enterprise achieved the following set goals:

  • Simplifying the process of planning and integrating large enterprise assets spread across geographies into a single collaborative security context
  • Improving predictability and reducing time to plan and deploy a threat management solution in an enterprise setting
  • Maintaining accuracy on remote threat detection systems
  • Consolidating and reducing infrastructure required to correlate threat intelligence data across geographically distributed security environments
  • Reducing the need and dependency on human expertise required to strategize, manage and maintain remote network and security infrastructures
  • Aggregating and handling escalations remotely without having sufficient context information

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