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NETMONASTERY is a network security company which assists enterprises in securing their network and applications by detecting threats in real time. Founded in 2002, we have at our core a group of security experts who love nothing more than securing your network. Over the years, due to our global intelligence, we have become a leader in detecting and nullifying threats, thereby keeping enterprises free from security hassles and dangerous intrusions.


With the increase in internet related business, malicious activity on the internet is also on the rise. We want to ensure that enterprises can stay secure and just concentrate on their business aspect without having to worry about the security of their infrastructure. To provide a solution, we have come up with CNAM, which comprehensively detects all the attacks on your network and keeps your business running without any threats affecting it.


Our flagship product, Comprehensive Network Attack Monitoring or CNAM, does exactly what it stands for. We correlate logs from your all your devices like firewalls, IDS', applications, etc to comprehensively detect a threat, the best part being all this is done in real time. We constantly stay updated with the latest threats and attacks and implement the same to ensure 360 degree security for our customers.

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