Happy to answer the questions that we are generally asked!

Security is a complex challenge, but CNAM simplifies security for our customers. Here we talk about list of questions that generally come across our way.


Why do I need CNAM?

Organisations spend vast resources on building their brands. Unfortunately, a single cyber security incident has the potential to damage it. With CNAM, organisations can easily detect attacks on their network and prevent security incidents before they cause any material damage.

I already have deployed security solutions. Do I still need CNAM?

Security solutions like SIEM, IDS and firewalls while securing various parts of the network, have only a limited view of the network. CNAM is an integrated solution that can help organisations get a bird's eye view of the entire network. Click here to learn why existing solutions cannot cope with security and how CNAM deals with it.

Does CNAM replace my existing security solutions?

No. That is the best part about CNAM. You can easily deploy and integrate it with your existing security solutions thereby protecting your investments. CNAM helps to make your security more robust by using the best that each of your existing security solutions has to offer. Click here to read about the features of CNAM

What layers of the IT infrastructure does CNAM protect?

CNAM protects all layers of the infrastructure stack viz. Network, OS, Application and Database. This unique holistic ability helps organisations to detect attacks on each layer and stop them before they result in a serious data breach.


What hardware is required for CNAM?

The best part about CNAM is that it is based on a unique hybrid architecture that leverages the Cloud. Hence, all you need is a Network Aggregator (NAG), with standard desktop specifications, in order to deploy CNAM.

What training is required to use CNAM?

CNAM has an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy even for newbies to quickly scale up and get the maximum out of it. We also provide quick bootup training to help organisations come up to speed with CNAM usage.

How much bandwidth is needed for CNAM?

CNAM needs very minimal bandwidth to function. This is due to its unique architecture which does all the processing locally while using intelligence based in the Umbrella Network (UNET). This means that log data does not need to traverse the internet resulting in significant bandwidth savings.

Do I need to have a syslog server or open any ports on my external router?

CNAM already has a syslog server built into it. You don't need to install any other syslog server. You also don't need to open any ports. The CNAM components automatically connect to the UNET using a generic Internet connection. Click here to find out how CNAM works.


How much will it cost me?

CNAM works on a Security as a Service (SaaS) model. This means that you pay only for what you use. You can select the components of your network that you would like to protect. Based on that, we will bill you on a monthly basis for the traffic that we monitor.

Can I host CNAM within my network?

CNAM is only available on a Security as a Service (SaaS) model. This significantly reduces your costs in terms of hardware and maintenance. Click here to find out how CNAM is deployed.

How much time does it take to implement CNAM?

Due to its unique hybrid architecture that leverages the Cloud, CNAM can be deployed easily and quickly. Depending on the complexity of your network, CNAM can take anywhere from mere minutes to a few days to deploy.

What is the NAG device?

NAG or Network Aggregator is a device that is located within the organisation's LAN that performs aggregation and correlation of data from various sources including but not limited to routers, firewalls, servers etc.


How is CNAM updated to detect emerging threats?

CNAM undergoes multiple changes every hour to ensure that it is well equipped to handle emerging threats. The correlation rules are updated 4 times a day based on the environmental intelligence obtained from deployments of CNAMs across various organisations. This is further reinforced by intelligence obtained throughout global network of traffic sensors.

Is my data secure with CNAM?

The unique aspect of CNAM is that your log data never leaves your network perimeter. The CNAM application has been designed ground up using a Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC) methodology.

Does CNAM detect ALL threats?

With rapidly evolving threats, it is impossible for any solution to claim that it is able to detect all threats. However, with CNAM you get a detailed list of the threats that it detects. Needless to say, CNAM is updated regularly to detect new threats.

What type of applications can be integrated with CNAM?

All applications that create and maintain logs of application events can be integrated and monitored using CNAM.


What is the team that supports CNAM?

We have a dedicated team of security and programming experts to support CNAM 24x7. When you opt for CNAM you get expert support in case you face any security attack on your network.

Do you have SLAs that govern the service?

In a pioneering move, NETMONASTERY offers stringent SLAs with financial penalties should we fail to meet our committed service levels. Our robust and foolproof solution gives us the confidence to offer these SLAs. To date, not a single client has found any reason to complain.

Do you have a trial period?

Yes, We are confident that CNAM can meet the security needs of every organisation. We offer CNAM for a trial period of 1 month with no obligations. Try it and keep it if you like it. Believe us, you will. Click here to see CNAM's plans.

Can I stop the service in case I am not satisfied?

Yes, if you feel your security needs are not being met using CNAM, you can discontinue the service after giving us a month's notice.

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