CNAM Features

CNAM delivers a comprehensive set of unique features that streamlines and automates your threat detection capabilities. Real-time results from CNAM deliver the missing threat visibility in enterprise networks.

A Comprehensive Threat Management Platform

CNAM brings all the right components required to operate an effective security program but without the expensive overheads

  • Entire threat detection stack in the managed framework, available in SaaS model with no upfront investment
  • Learns your environment and can be customized to meet your needs
  • Visibility at all layers to detect the most sophisticated attacks before they happen
Comprehensive Threat Management Platform

Cutting-Edge Packet Analytics

CNAM delivers next generation threat detection using packet level profiling and analytics capabilities.

  • Auto’magically’ identify ratio deviations in packet trends to call-in correlation modules
  • Detect changes in your environment using a profile based anomaly engine identifying every new destination, domain, URL, filename, or user.
Cutting-Edge Packet Analytics

Triggered Threat Correlation Engine

CNAM’s engine is built ground up to correlate around the attack. CNAM’s triggers can concurrently process several hundred correlation modules.

  • Reduced implementation time required for tuning and environmental learning due to attack centric correlation
  • Expand correlation and graph logic without worrying about the number of active rules
  • Respond to threats in real-time, as modules are triggered at the time of the event and not on a set time window.
Triggered Threat Correlation Engine

Real-time Data Science And Continuous Integration Engine

CNAM’s continuous integration engine profiles threats, packets and data usage to identify attack indicators. CNAM is designed to work autonomously on customer policies to maintain accuracy and real-time capabilities.

  • Managed detection and correlation systems give customers the freedom to operate without in-house expertise
  • Threat intelligence is continuously shared and integrated in real-time
Real-time Data Science And Continuous Integration Engine

Distributed Core Control plane And A Meshed Data Transport Framework

CNAM’s distributed control plane architecture is used for instant deployment and management of remote systems and policies.

  • Enforce standardized security rules across your vast enterprise network
  • Instantly scalable to new devices added with easily configurable node-specific correlation and detection
Distributed Core Control plane


Advanced Threat Detection, Attack Correlation and Enabled Response are delivered as a single solution with CNAM. Plus further integration with your business application gives you complete information security coverage.

  • Threat management that encompasses the complete enterprise architecture
  • No backdoors or vulnerabilities open to exploitation


We drive the entire deployment process efficiently while you can safely concentrate on your business. CNAM's deployment is quick, easy and trouble-free enabling it to be up and running in no time.

  • Deploy quickly and easily on commodity hardware without the hassles of large scale project management and expensive consultants.
  • Our Big Data back-end enables a flexible and seamless threat management solution that can evolves as you do.
  • Dedicated deployment resources to provide support whenever needed

Log Management

Instead of giving you bulky log reports of all events, CNAM gives you summarized logs after performing aggregation, storage, indexing and searching of large amounts of system data.

  • Easy to read log reports
  • Conveniently shared for audit and security requirements
Log Management


With CNAM, you don’t need any additional compliance tools. CNAM satisfies your compliance requirements by generating logs and reports as per your needs.

  • On boot compliance with regulatory requirements

Data Residency

All transactional and attack data remains on the customer's network with only summarized result-sets leaving the network for correlation

  • Comply with stringent data privacy and data security regulations
  • Confidential business critical information stays within your network
Data Residency

Operational Web Console

CNAM’s Web Console is built for operational teams that work on multiple locations and/ or multiple customers.

  • Collaborate across compliance, application, systems and vulnerability management teams from a single web-based management console
  • Pull private event data directly from local datastores from the web console to comply with data residency requirements
Operational Web Console

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