The ISO 27002

Achieve ISO 27002 Compliance by Securing Business Critical Information and Preventing Data Breaches in Real-Time.

Established by ISO to provide best practice recommendation on Information security management ISO 27002 Controls offers guidance for those who are responsible for initiating, implementing and maintaining Information Security Management Systems. The ISO 27002 framework provides specific guidance for securing enterprise and organizational data. Businesses around the world have adopted the information security standard ISO 27002 as part of their overall risk reduction strategy.

Important points to meet ISO 27002 compliance and user organizations requirements:

  • Prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to business systems and confidential company data
  • Safeguard the accuracy and completeness of information and processing methods
  • Ensure that authorized users have necessary access to information and associated assets

How CNAM can help

To be in alignment with ISO 27002 user organizations must implement many security controls across IT infrastructure. When looking to manage security and compliance programs, many organizations turn to traditional SIEM’s. Unfortunately, SIEM products take alot of resources, in terms of technology, capital and skilled resources that organizations simply don’t have. On the contrary, with CNAM there is no need to deal with such complications as it is all done for you by the experts here at NETMONASTERY. CNAM has the ability to integrate various devices to collect and analyze log data to deliver real-time actionable security and compliance. CNAM provides you with role based data view so only concerned personnel will be authorized to see important information. You can achieve complete threat visibility as CNAM gives you key insights into your network.

CNAM Features to help you comply with ISO 27002

Capture and Store Event Logs

Traffic Anomaly Monitoring

Event Correlation

Control Access and Role based Authorization

Real Time Threat Detection

Audit Trails

Inbuilt and Customizable reports

Data Residency

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