Log Management

Security logs are only truly useful if they enable organizations expose threats and attacks with reliable and actionable events. The CNAM Log Management platform allows you to make sense from the clutter of security events to get more than just compliance.

Log Management

Challenges Faced

  • Organizations have a tremendous amount of unstructured log data generated from their IT infrastructure. These multi-origin logs have heterogeneous formats and are difficult to collect, analyze and correlate.
  • Traditional log management systems are unable to continuously monitor the IT network due to too much noise. Mountains of data being generated by the network creates major operational efficiency problems.
  • With massive log data, organizations are unable to make sense of the data. It becomes increasingly difficult to track and separate suspicious and malicious events from normal behavior.
  • Organizations often fail at scaling to the entire log dataset, requiring complex arrangements for splitting the data over multiple systems. This also leads to additional management cost.

The CNAM Approach

  • CNAM seamlessly integrates with and automates the process of collection, indexing and normalization of multi-origin, heterogeneous logs generated by the IT infrastructure instead of relying on time-intensive and reactive manual processes.
  • CNAM monitors your network continuously, giving you advanced visualizations to see live threats occurring anywhere on your network.
  • CNAM’s superior correlation engine and constantly updated threat intelligence helps detect any malicious activity in the shortest time frame.
  • CNAM provides unlimited customized dashboards and reports which helps you meet compliance requirements. CNAM also supports forensic analysis.
  • CNAM’s flexible multi-tenant architecture makes it easily deployable on commodity hardware without the hassles of large scale project management and expensive consultants. CNAM can support hundreds of thousands of events per second and is scalable depending on your business.

To know more about how CNAM’s Log Management platform operates download the Data Sheet below and find out how CNAM can help your organization.

Analysing log data will now be more meaningful, get key insights into your IT Infrastructure in Real-Time.

  • Automated log collection, storage and management
  • Actionable security intelligence alerts for instant threat mitigation
  • Real-Time log correlation to detect threats in shortest time span
  • Complete visibility over your IT infrastructure
  • Customised dashboards and reports to help achieve compliance

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