The "real" Threat Management

Step up to defend your infrastructure from the latest threats, know your enemies, boost your organisational productivity. CNAM delivers the "real" Threat Management Service on the Pay-as-you-Go model. Have questions? Call +91 022 40111911


  • Real-time threat intelligence
  • Attack detection system
  • Multi-layer correlation
  • Dashboard and reporting
  • Profile management
  • 24x7 Support-ops
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Instant threat notifications

Includes CNAM Plus features

  • Server / device log integration
  • Dedicated reporting console
  • Custom correlation rules
  • Collaborative outbreak detection
  • Event monitoring and archiving
CNAM Premium

Includes CNAM Pro features

  • Application integration
  • Detection signature customisation
  • Custom correlation modules
  • Application integration support
  • Local decoy strategy
  • Threat strategy consulting
  • API Integration
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Program licensing

An easy licensing scheme was one of the primary design goals for CNAM. As a result CNAM uses one of the most adaptable schemes offered by threat management systems. The monthly cost for CNAM (across plans) depends upon the amount of data processed by CNAM.

Therefore, for an Internet facing site, CNAM is priced on the amount of data transfer on the uplink to the Internet. Similarly, when CNAM is deployed on the enterprise network, it is priced on the total aggregate bandwidth processed by its detection (IDD) probes.

Threat strategy consulting

CNAM offers personalised strategy consulting to CNAM Premium customers, experts at the CNAM Threat Center provide timely suggestions to tackle the latest threats found in the wild. Threat consulting strategy will span across the customers network, including devices and software assets.

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