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The issues faced today by security solutions

Today, there are several security solutions which are floating in the market. However, these solutions are riddled with flaws. Here, we list the most common issues that are observed in the security solutions and then find out how CNAM addresses these problems.

Intrusion Prevention System - IPS

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

  • An IPS is largely ineffective for dealing with any kind of threats on the application layer
  • It is unable to detect complex threats as it needs to know the nature of attack to stop it
  • It is strained under high volume of traffic, while having a sinister reputation for false positives
Managed Security Service Partner - MSSP

Managed Security Service Partner (MSSP)

  • It is very difficult to measure the capability of the resources invested in MSSP
  • Application integration is not usually included in the services offered by an MSSP
  • Investment in threat intelligence is little, most of it is incorporated directly from the vendors
Security Incident and Event Management - SIEM

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)

  • SIEM is highly expensive, so are the costs required to employ skilled resources to operate it
  • It is ineffective as a stand-alone solution, it requires a detection system to supplement it
  • Custom correlation rules must be strategised for it, and real time threat intelligence is absent

Overcoming the shortcomings - CNAM

  • CNAM can efficiently parse through tons of data and separate the actual attackers from false positives
  • CNAM's threat intelligence enables it to detect suspicious patterns and complex threats in real time
  • Applications in the infrastructure can be secured by integrating them into the CNAM security circle
  • CNAM can function independently as well as work in alliance with the existing devices and solutions
  • CNAM is offered in the security as a service model, which means you only pay for what you use
  • The security offered by CNAM is measurable, you can quantitatively measure its detection capability

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