Exploring the SaaS Delivered SIEM

When evaluating SIEM solutions, cost seems to be the primary entry barrier, the cost issue also cascades into quality of deliverables. Exploring the SaaS delivered SIEM for options.

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The IT thought process is moving towards decentralization through cloud computing, hosted services and applications on demand. But security lags behind, with in-house solutions proving to be inadequate to handle highly sophisticated attacks. To achieve protection against such attacks, organizations usually buy infrastructure to build the security, which usually fails for the lack of expertise, while others attempt to manage risk by effecting stringent productivity dampening controls.

These 'on premise' security solutions need to be replaced with more effective and low cost solutions that can perform at the same capacity and feature set as their hosted counterparts. A product that provides a hybrid model is more advantageous than a fully hosted or the cloud approach.

Failures of Current Models

To better understand the advantages of the security delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) model, we must first look at the limitations of the current deployment model.

  • Current models are costly and act as a huge entry barrier for customers
  • Quality of expertise usually decides the success or failure of the project
  • Most SIEM projects fail to complete or achieve their defined scope of coverage
  • Maintenance and support from the vendor is a continuous dependency

Change with SaaS Models

All the shortcomings of the 'on-premise' deployment model can be overcome by adopting security delivered as SaaS. A time when security threats are no more restricted to the larger institutions but distributed across the spectrum, the SaaS model can make real-time security a reality for all companies, irrespective of their IT budget.

  • Deployment and ongoing security is effectively managed
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is reduced
  • Benefit from global security trends to keep you ahead of your peer group
  • Value of the system is truly delivered to the CISO

Choosing a SaaS Delivered SIEM

The SaaS delivered SIEM solution, though a comparatively newer market has an interesting bevy of options available. Cost of ownership must be a major factor in choosing a SaaS delivered SIEM; the SIEM must be affordable and should include no upfront capital cost. The solution must deploy quickly and large parts of the process must be automated. The vendor must be a part of the solution, where the system engineering is serviced, upgraded and the required intelligence fed in from time to time.

The SIEM is an enterprise requirement and extreme-scaling capabilities is a critical requirement and like scaling the SIEM must be able to process and return results in real-time. If your organization doesn't currently have a threat management system in place or if you're grappling with an ineffective security solution, it's time to seriously evaluate SaaS delivered SIEM.

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