Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Most SIEM deployments are done for compliance. Hence these products fail to provide real-time threat detection. Real threat management can only be achieved through SIEMs deployed for the threat management use case.


Challenges Faced

  • The SIEM products available in the market right fail to fulfill the most basic duty of an SIEM which is to provide real-time security.
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) and the upfront costs for these SIEM products are very high. So, a major portion of the market (midsized and small businesses) is left out.
  • These complex products require expert security professionals to deliver optimum performance.

The CNAM Approach

  • CNAM is a SaaS delivered SIEM which has threat management as its primary focus and delivers it through various cutting edge proprietary technologies.
  • With CNAM, you don’t have to worry about costs, as you only pay low monthly subscription fees depending on the scale of your implementation.
  • CNAM has an easy to understand interface and 24x7 support from security experts which ensures your network protected all the time.

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