Here is what our customers speak about us.

Due to the oath we swear to anonymity, we cannot mention the names of our customers. However, we can provide anonmyous testimonials from different industry sectors that we have accumulated because of our excellent service over the years.

What our customers say

Data Center

"We have been associated with NETMONASTERY for over 5 years and it's fair to say that CNAM has skillfully dealt with attacks - both, proactively and reactively."

"Partnering with NETMONASTERY has been one of our best decisions. Their technology complemented our security service portfolio perfectly, giving us a cost-effective cloud-based solution that delivers immediately for our customers."


"From the beginning, NETMONASTERY impressed us with their research and intelligence, which inspired our confidence and guaranteed the level of security we were looking for."

"I have found NETMONASTERY to be one of the most professional and reliable companies in the market to date. They are capable to provide state-of-the-art technology which takes care of our organisation's network infrastructure."


"The team at NETMONASTERY objectively understood our situation and helped us secure our complex network through adept processes when we thought it was virtually impossible."

"I take this opportunity to thank all the security experts at NETMONASTERY for their knowledge and excellence which assisted us in strengthening our networks and serve our customers better."


"We have trusted CNAM with our critical applications and their expertise has been of an exceptional quality. We are happy to be associated with NETMONASTERY."

"NETMONASTERY has always delivered excellent service and timely responses for all our network security related concerns."


"CNAM's ease of use and its threat intelligence has bailed us out on countless occasions."

"NETMONASTERY has always been quick to respond, accurate in detection and genuine in the service they provide. I wish the very best of luck to them."

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