Threat Correlation

Data correlation is a process that enables the security system to remain real time. The correlation system is specially mapped to identify factor points between the detection systems and the event logs received in order to report back in the smallest time window.

Threat Correlation

Challenges Faced

  • The most challenging task any security expert faces is identifying threats and eliminating them as soon as possible.
  • The need of the hour is a detection system that scans for behavior patterns surrounding a threat rather than the threat itself, thus expanding the detection capabilities away from a single point.
  • Current security solutions fall short on providing actionable security intelligence.

The CNAM Approach

  • CNAM implements correlation at six different levels, each being processed in isolation to ensure that the outcome is accurate.
  • CNAM correlation rules are updated 4 times daily, giving it the ability to precisely identify the attackers.
  • CNAM provides organizations with framework for sharing intelligence data to improve detection accuracy.
  • Automated device and data monitoring with continuous health checks for detecting errors enables quick detection and correlation so that attacks are reported back in the smallest time window.

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