Threat Intelligence

Dedicating time & resources for global threat intelligence is not an easy feat. To keep up with the current threat scenario, your security infrastructure should be able to collect global threat intelligence from all over the world. But importantly, also it should also allow you to create an action plan based on this information.

Threat Intelligence

Challenges Faced

  • Rather than putting extra pressure on your IT infrastructure and budget, your security needs to work more intelligently to cope up with the highly evolved threat landscape.
  • Data on a periodic basis to gain knowledge of threats and prepare an actionable solution before the threats can cause damage.
  • Setting up a global network for collecting intelligence at strategic nodes to always stay one step ahead of the attackers is a huge task.

The CNAM Approach

  • CNAM well understands the vulnerabilities which are likely to be targeted through seamless integration of the global intelligence collected into its security solution.
  • CNAM’s Umbrella Network (UNET) can trace attacks happening simultaneously all over the world and incorporate it into CNAM to give you actionable intelligence.
  • CNAM has a dedicated team which focuses all its resources on collecting information from the UNET to stop the attackers.

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