Threat Management

Today, threats from the internet are ranging from simple mischief to savvy intruders. Without a plan to protect the enterprise's entire network, its defence is only as strong as its weakest link.

Threat Management

Challenges Faced

  • The ever changing threat landscape demands threat management systems today to continuously provide vulnerability data on latest threats to the enterprise.
  • Security managers should be in a position to identify threats with most critical impact, prioritize them and at the same time, create a plan to avoid the risk on their network.
  • Without a threat management system in place, the confidential data of large enterprises can't be monitored, controlled and protected easily from potential threats.

The CNAM Approach

  • CNAM was developed with the foresight for an automated system which not only had the ability to prioritize threats but also notify administrators of these attacks in real time after weeding out the false positives.
  • With a detection engine, a correlation engine, application integration and real time threat intelligence, CNAM ensures that attacks to your devices and applications are detected within the shortest time window.
  • For accurate detection of real threats, CNAM engine implements correlation at six different levels with the correlation rules being updated several times a day.
  • CNAM provides a user friendly threat management console called CARD that is able to represent threats in a controlled framework which distinguishes high priority threats by automatically escalating them to tickets for further investigation.

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